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From "Vampire Tales"

Jul 10, 2001

As the sun sank well beneath the horizon, it left behind a soft shade of
pinkish orange, fading into the rest of the dark blue sky. She felt
herself awaken and her eyelids opened gently. Taking a long inhale of
breath, she pulled herself up, into a sitting position within the
envelope of covers on the bed. She knew her beloved Vittorio was there
in the room with her. Sensing his presence, she easily pulled the covers
back from her body and slid out of the bed as her dainty feet touched
the floor.

She crept over to him, pausing to gaze down upon him, lying there on the
cold hard floor. She frowned slightly, wondering why he did not choose a
better place to slumber for the day. Knowing that he would wake at any
time now, she sat herself upon the floor and laid down as well, facing
him. A smile graced her mouth as she reached her slender hand over to
caress his cool white cheek.

"Oh Vittorio, my precious..." She sighed and gazed to his beautiful
face, that was not even a foot away from her own. Her hand found his
soft, brown, curly hair. It ran through her fingers like silk, so soft
it was, and lustrous.

She could start to feel the faint pull of hunger begin inside of her.
She closed her eyes momentarily, trying to push the feeling away until
Vittorio awoke, so they may go out for the evening and hunt, together.
Opening her eyes once more, she propped herself up on her elbow, and
bent down to him, placing gentle kisses upon the corner of his mouth, as
her hand still moved fluidly through his brown curls. She hoped to ease
him out of the death-like sleep and for him to greet her with a smile.

Scooting herself a bit closer to him, she continued to kiss his cheek,
and even his tender earlobe, before whispering faint, loving phrases to
him. She paused and heard him inhale a little more deeply than usual.
Pulling back, she watched as his delicate eyelids opened for the
evening, and his gaze trailed up to meet hers. Indeed, he did give her a
smile, and she leaned over again to place another kiss upon his cheek
before he stirred so they could then begin their night together.

Jul 11, 2001 

"Good evening to you, as well, my sweet." she smiled, running her
fingers down the length of his arm that was still extended to her.
"Indeed, I did sleep well, but I think the question is, did you?"
She glanced down to the hard flooring beneath them.
"Come, let us get up my love, and start our night." She took his hand in
hers, and swiftly lifted herself up off of the floor, to standing. She
watched him stand up infront of her, and her mind trailed back to the
kisses that he bestowed upon her. She could tell he was hungry, and
eager. These were the nights that she so loved, that anything could
happen, and nothing could stop them.

Tossing her arms around his neck, loosely, she gave a sweet kiss upon
his chin before looking into his eyes.

"Should we simply go forth and see what the night holds for us, or do
you have something, anything at all, in mind?" Her eyebrows raised
softly, in a sweet demeanor as her head tilted a bit to the right as her
small, velvet draped body pressed firmly against his.

Jul 15, 2001

She stood there, a smile still played upon her mouth as he spoke.
Watching him open the door, she walked, within the shadows, toward him
as a dim light crept into the room from the hallway.

"Yes, that sounds perfect. Such a way with words you have my love." She
paused at the doorway and put another flutter of a kiss upon his lips,
and then went forth into the castle, pausing for him to come along.

She took his arm as he stepped beside of her then they made their way
outside, beyond the thorny bushes that seemed to take over the outer
walls of the castle. Inhaling deeply, she looked upwards toward the
heavens, seeing the black of night with it's tiny white balls of light
suspended randomly. Then there was the pale moon, in all of it's glory,
hanging within the sky, a bit more than three quarters full.

"Such a beautiful night, Vittorio..." she said, then spun around fully,
letting her skirts flare out a bit. A small giggle come from her mouth
as she took his hands in hers.

"I am yours to lead."

...more coming soon...

...Be Tempted...